Bikeability Bike Checks

Have you a child who is about to take part in some cycle training at school (Branded Bikeability) and you are not sure if their bike and helmet is suitable or has anything wrong with it?

Can we use a BMX with only a back brake?

Do we need lights or reflectors?

When we pull the brake lever nothing happens?

We’ve tried pumping the tyres up but it keeps going down!

We are going to borrow a bike but he can’t touch the floor is that OK?

Can we use a ski helmet?

Why not contact b.buddies and we will come to your home evenings are fine and check it over which takes about 15mins.

The cost for this service if you live in the Charnwood area is £10.00 and if any defects are found you can book us to fix it or you can take it to another bicycle mechanic and we’ll even document what is wrong.